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Károly Sterbinszky (10. 11.1972, Budapest)

DJ Sterbinszky is one of Hungary's most popular djs and producers, holder of a number of Hungarian and international acknowledgements. His professional career has 15 years of past already and has reached the present successes through the following stations:

Right after getting some experience on his father's Pioneer turntables, Sterby received the great chance of his life: he became a resident at the Moment discotheque in Budapest, travelling at funky, soul and rap at that time. A year later, following the cessation of Moment he continued dj-ing at the Bingo-moment - having full houses at all times!

Sterbinszky turned from Bingo Moment to Es-O-Es discotheque, later known as Club Bedrock, switching from funky to techno at the same time. He was then recognised by the organizer of the Hungarian MAYDAYs. Sterby became a permanent Dj of the rave-series.

The Hungarian DMC-championship, the technical competition of djs is organised. The best competitor, DJ Sterbinszky takes part in the DMC World Championship, London.

In the same year the Sky Light House Arena evolves into a great Bedrock-party-series, where the well-known international stars of the time - eg.: Da Hool - had regular performances as well. Sterby's work as a promoter continued by organizing the Sky Light House Crown and the Hype Holiday House Party. From that time on he became recognized not only as a Dj, but also as a promoter.

The beginning of the legendary E-Play era. DJ Sterbinszky's E-Play Classic parties attract great crowds even today!! Grabbing the options of the party-series Sterby invited such famous Djs to perform as Sven Uk, Marco Zaffarano, Sylvie Marks, Supa Dj. Dmitri, or Stefano Libelle. Parallel to this, Sterby set out to an E-Play club-tour countrywide, where all the ten destination venues were full.

1998: The E-Play Generation compilation is born out of Sterby's idea, with tracks by famous Hungarian dj-producers, including himself; and a successful album-introducing tour begins.
On 13th November the same year the first Sterbinszky mixalbum is released, titled 'Hits from Club E-Play', it becomes a golden plate two years later, and Sterby's a top-Dj.

DJ Sterbinszky, as a resident of PLAYMATE parties organized at Flört Club, Siófok, produces his second mixalbum 'Egy nyár a Flörtben', which was leading the MAHASZ charts for three weeks after its release, and also became a golden plate within just a few months. (MAHASZ: Union of Hungarian Record Companies)

The readers of FREEE magazine elected Sterbinszky as the DJ of the Year, and he comes out with new mixalbums in November: the tracks titled 'House Sound Of Dance Tuning Disco' and 'Trance Sound Of Dance Tuning Disco' were put on the walls as golden plates again in January 2000. With these, Sterbinszky became the first and still only Hungarian Dj with the honour of holding four golden plates.

Meanwhile the 'Megint egy nyár a Flörtben' is released, and Playmate continues weekly with great successes, not only at the club in Siófok, but at the Bank Dance Hall in Budapest.

On 10th November, 2000 Sterbinszky's first LP with his own tracks, 'Discography' is released. The track '1492 / Fly away with me' became the favourite among the music-suppliers.

At the vote called 'Who's the DJ of the Year?' the composer of 'Discography' took the first place.

The promotional tour of 'Discography' swept through the 10 top clubs of the country with full houses everywhere, and Sterbinszky was nominated to MAHASZ' Golden Giraffe prize in the category of 'The Best Hungarian Dance Album of the Year'.

The same year Sterby's music is released abroad for the first time: several songs of Discography were put on two Columbian compilation albums.
Parallel to this he composes more and more hits on request (see: Discography); and by the beginning of July he finishes the 'HypeROXYd' trance and house mixalbums containing his own remixes and some made together with Tranzident. The records stayed at MAHASZ top 5 for weeks.

On 26th May, 2001 an international premier takes place: the video of Discography is first shown at MTV Europe Party Zone and it's been played there regularly ever since.
Following this, on 28th July, Sterby first guest-performs in New York, at a party organized by the local Hungarians at Back Draft Pub. The success of his performance is demonstrated by the fact that he has since played at Back Draft a dozen times, last time on 26th July, 2003.

By November, the track dreamt by Sterbinszky and Tranzident is released, titled 'Gates of Mind'. It became one of the most popular trance- and due to the remixes house-tracks of all times, internationally acknowledged. It's been put on 22 compilation albums abroad since then, achieving a unique success in the history of Hungarian tracks.
The same month the countrywide tour of the 'HypeROXYd' mixalbum begins, and in December Sterby's second composer's album is out, also titled 'Gates of Mind'. The album, especially the title track raised great professional interest worldwide.

Sterbinszky wins the vote of CHECK Magazin titled 'Who's the DJ of the Year'.

Sterby's official website awaits the netsurfers since January, the continuously updated pages are also available in English language at www.sterbinszky.hu.
The promotional tour of Gates of Mind begins in March, through which Sterby stepped in front of the audience at 10 exclusive clubs, sometimes with a 4 hour-set.

At the MAHASZ 2002 'Arany Zsiráf' awards the Gates of Mind took the honouring title of 'The Best Hungarian Dance Album of the Year'.

In the meantime Discography is released in France as well, on the the world-famous Antoine Clamaran's mixalbum by Warner; while at home as a cooperational work with Palace Dance Club, Siófok, two mixalbums, titled 'AXEtázis a Palace-ban vol 1' and vol 2 came out.

A year of releasing a new mixalbum, several EPs and releases abroad.
Sterbinszky's earlier tracks were put onto the shelves of recordstores at the following countries:

DJ Sterbinszky - Irish Coffee - Tempo Music / 12"
DJ Sterbinszky - Hopeful Sign - Tempo Music / 12"
Fly away with me - Blanco y Negro / 12"

Holland, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Dubai, Greece, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, Canada, Austria, USA:
DJ Sterbinszky - Gates of Mind - EMI / single

Holland, Dubai:
DJ Sterbinszky - Gates of Mind - EMI / album *release: in the autumn 2003!!*

The greatest successes abroad are connected to the USA, the popularity of the track is proved by a great number of radio lists and compilation albums. (www.sterbinszky.hu)
It was the top track at the Florida radio station Energy FM 'Your Requests' top 25 programme (http://www.energyarizonafm.com/content/music.htm - 07.22.) , and was included in the top 5 on several American and Canadian playlists for long weeks. The outstanding success among all is the internationally acknowledged BILLBOARD Hot Dance Music Club Play Chart, where the 'Gates of Mind' was at the TOP 30 for more than 6 weeks. The track was straight among the TOP 10, moreover the TOP 5 at Billboard Dance Maxi Single Sales Charts - and it kept its position there for weeks!
Never before has a Hungarian performer achieved similar successes in the USA!

Besides all above, Karesz's and Balázs's track was remixed by the famous American producers Guido Osorio and Johnny Vicious, released for the American music-market as a 12" by Provocative Music.

The most recent news of 2003 are connected to the mixalbum 'AXEtázis a Palace' vol 3', that was released in June, including own tracks and remixes. The reception of the title track 'AXE the new style' reminds us of the success of 'Discography'; the video to it is still holding a leading position among the music videos played at VIVA tv, the Hungarian music channel.

The most honouring requests of the year, and of the past years, found Sterbinszky at the beginning of September 2003:
ANTOINE CLAMARAN (F) and CARL COX (UK) were both presented a set of gifts through their Hungarian performances by the management of Palace Club - Siófok and by Clubsolutions, the company bringing Cox to Hungary. Sterby's tracks won over the likes of the world-famous stars so much that while the tracks 'Discography I' and 'Budapest Parádé' will be released on vinyl soon by Antoine Clamaran, 'Discography II' will be used by Carl Cox himself on his next mixalbum, titled F.A.C.T.AUSTRALIA that is to be out in November. The record released by Clamaran will be available all over the world with the exceptions of Hungary, Dubai and The Netherlands, while Carl Cox' brand new mix will 'only' be distributed in Australia and New-Zealand yet, according to the plans.


New Sterby-mixes are broadcasted weekly at 24 different radio-stations throughout the country. The list of these stations in the country together with their programme can be found at the following website: www.sterbinszky.com

Global stars he has performed together with:
Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Gabriel & Dresden, James Zabiela, Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, ATB, Deep Dish, Ferry Corsten, Benny Benassi, Tom Novy, Robbie Rivera, Antoine Clamaran, David Morales, Eddie Amador, Francesco Farfa, Gayle San, Guy Ornadel, Judge Jules, Marco Zaffarano, Timo Maas, Africa Islam.

In the leader commercial radio of Budapest, in Roxy Radio 96,4 for more than 5 years more than 290 mixes were played. He is the seeded DJ of Roxy DJ and Roxy DJ's at night...
DJ Sterbinszky's radio programme:
BUDAPEST: ROXY DJ/ FM 96.4, Wednesdays 16-17h (since 2001), Saturdays 21-24h, Sundays 16-17h

You can hear weekly on 24 further radio stations troughout the country.

In 2005 he played twice with Tiesto - one of the best DJ's in the world - (places: Siófok Palace Dance Club, Sweden: on Cinderella luxurius boat).
In July, 2005 he played together with Deep Dish
On summer closing party of Palace Dance Club in 2005 (Siófok) played Sterby with one of the most famous DJs from the USA: Gabriel & Dresden.
Resident DJ in Palace Dance Club - one of the best club in Hungary.

On Sziget Festival, in 2004 he playes with Paul Oakenfold, in 2005 with Paul van Dyk

With international appearances he got enormous tribute in the line and in the public.
The name of Sterbinszky is known in innumerable countries.
Sterbys remixes appear to lots of external issues.

...and his hits continue in 2006 and in 2007.
In 2006 Sterbinszky lived with the possibility and made a huge remix for Carl Cox - That's The Bass what appeared on the world known DJ's single under 23rd Century Records.

He played in three club tours too: Martini-Kinley Retro, Coca-Cola Soundwave, and AXE Club Tour

In the biggest club of Slovakia (C-Complex)there was a voting, what he won with 63% and straight away he invited the management of the club to a party.

Viva Comet winner in 2006 (Viva Comet is the biggest Hungarian musical award) in the category of best DJ/ electronic music production..

In 2006 & 2007 he played again with Tiesto in Palace Dance Club - Siofok, and played with Armin van Buuren also in Palace Dance Club - Siófok.

In the summer of 2006 at the Félsziget Festival in Transylvania (Marosvásárhely) he playes after ATB.

In November 2006, Hungary's leader male magazine expended the Sequence 11 aka Sterbinszky In Sequence Sunset album, of which 40000 examples were sold.

In 2007 Dj Shah licensed to his own publisher /the Shah Music Entertaiment/ the songs Just My Kind and Duality from Sequence 11 album.
Dj Shah wrote himself a mix to the sond Duality, that has got on more mixalbums in Germany, and in more radio stations, like the German Sunshine radio station hit list.

Also in 2007 the Hungarian copy of Just My Kind , 'Még várok Rád' video leaded the Viva Club Chart for 7 weeks.

In 30th May, 2007 as the first ever Hungarian Sterby played in Afrika, in the G-Sound named club in Casablanca.

This year, in June he opened his own Dj-School named Pioneer Pro Dj School, and together with the Pioneer industry they will train the next generation of Djs.

In July, 2007 at Balaton Festival he will play along Eric Prydz.
In 27th July at the Félsziget Festival in Transylvania (Marosvásárhely) he will play before Ferry Corsten.


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